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Van Tour Video

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It's an adventure van, it's a camper van, and it'll eventually be my daily driver when I start an echo career somewhere down the road. I'm a soon to be retired high school commercial photography teacher and will hit the road 6-12 months and see how far my money last. I plan to share my photography, the experience of van traveling, include details of the photographs (settings, composition, lighting, editing, etc...), and adventure stories that are sure to occur along the way. I have no plans to monetize or become Instagram famous. I am simply blogging to share and document my experiences.

Here's the van tour video showcasing a simple build. 2019 Ram ProMaster 136" wb hr. I purchased the van through CarMax in May 2020 and completed the build during June and July. As a teacher I had all summer off and knew that I wanted to be finished by August. So, I worked 8-12 hr days during the hot month of June (in Texas) and worked 1/2 days during July to finish it up. I'll create a more detailed post on the actual van build later. Hope you enjoy the video!


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