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                 Huge fan!

Have been every since dad brought my brother and me to the Grand Canyon the summer before 5th grade. I was blessed to share the Grand Canyon experience with my two daughters on a backpacking trip, rim-to-rim, when I turned fifty. There were several parks on my bucket list that I planned to visit my first year of van life and several more that I thankfully stumbled upon. Yeah, I know there are way too many photos in that grid gallery, but I have to say there were a lot of good ones left out. With the luxury of time I ended up spending several days and sometimes weeks in a park. Basically, I would explore until I felt I had seen everything I wanted to see. Turned out one of favorites is Mt. Rainer in WA. I scored a walk-up permit to backpack the Wonderland Trail, which circumnavigates the mountain across some 97 miles. The weather was beautiful and the mountain views simply majestic and at times surreal. It was pretty close to backpacking the John Muir Trail, just with more people.   


Ok, here is the list including National Parks, National Monuments, Forest, Seashores, and Military Parks; Grand Canyon, Saguaro, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Organ Mountains, Theodore Roosevelt (north & south units), Little Big Horn, Mt. Baker, Crater Lake, Badlands, Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Lake Superior National Seashore, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, Mount Rainer, Olympic, North Cascades, Chaco Canyon, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Gettysburg, Ft. Pickens. Canadian National Parks; Kootenay, Glacier, Yoho, and Banff. Scotland and Ireland; Loch Lomond, Wicklow Mountains. I'm sure I left a few out. 

I hope the below images give you a glimpse into the beauty and magical experience of our national spaces.  

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